Systems ListParadigmSignature Sub 2

System typeSealed
Driver Size10 "
Number of drivers6
Internal volume4.5 ft3
External volume7.53 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)22.375 " 23.75 " 24.5 "
Weight230 lbs
Power4500 W


The Sub 2 is one of the more interesting subwoofer designs on the commercial market currently. Having a total of 6 custom heavy duty 10 drivers arranged in a hexagon shaped enclosure in a force canceling arrangement compared to the more typical one or 2 drivers in a conventional arrangement. The amplifier is a very high quality piece with PFC and universal voltage compatibility which is capable of tremendous output of 4500w rms. The system is a sealed design with internal response shaping EQ. This is a very high quality, well built and compact system with considerable output for its size coupled with effective protection and limiting circuits to prevent damage. The considerable price tag and massive weight of the Sub 2 reflect all of the technologies, finishing work and hardware involved in making a compact sealed subwoofer this powerful. The result is impressive, producing a system with excellent sound quality, dynamic capabilities, bullet proof operation and a polished cosmetic representation in a reasonably sized form.

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