Systems ListKlipschSW-311

System typePassive Radiator
Driver Size10 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume1 ft3
External volume1.64 ft3
Dimentions (Width × Height × Depth)13 " × 13.44 " × 16.25 "
Weight37 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency30 Hz
Power500 W
Aprox. Price$1599 USD


The Klipsch SW-311 is a tiny attractive subwoofer that is only about 1.5 cu ft and weights less than 40lbs. Like many of Klipsch's subwoofers, the one features a bass-reflex design with dual passive radiators that match the size and cosmetics of the active driver. The amplifier is a 500 W Bash unit and incorporates some EQ features as well as Klipsch's ARC II automatic room correction. Unfortunately ARC II only corrects for one position, but considering that this features room correction at all is certainly nice bonus. The build and parts quality are very good and the subwoofer features a nice LCD screen and  interface accessible from the top. The active driver appears to have a long throw design and seems stout enough to work in a relative small bass reflex enclosure. The only downside to this subowofer is the highish price tag for a small 10" system. Higher performance can be had for this price, but then again, the SW-311 has a much smaller foot print than most subs so we feel is does provide some unique value. If you're looking for some serious WAF appeal, the SW-311 possesses that in spades.

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