Systems ListDanley Sound LabsDTS-10 LMS-R

ManufactureDanley Sound Labs
System typeTapped Horn
DriverTC Sounds LMS-R 12
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers2
External volume24.24 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)16 " 44 " 59.5 "
Weight310 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency14.5 Hz
Aprox. Price$1800 USD


This is a test of the DTS-10 enclosure loaded with higher power, longer excursion TC Sounds LMS-R 12" drivers. These drivers are not a direct drop in. A mounting ring needs to be fashioned to create clearance for the larger motor for one of the drivers and the area under the other driver needs the brace cut back to provide extra room for driver excursion.

This change was modeled in Horn Response prior to making the change. The actual result is slightly different from the model most likely due to production tolerances, errors, and un-modeled elements. The resulting response is slightly rougher than the model and rougher than the original DTS-10. The sensitivity also dropped off some from the stock configuration. However lower distortion and compression levels were realized, as was higher output headroom which was the primary goal of the driver swap.