Systems ListDIYFocusWorks Audio GUJ18V1 Sealed

System typeSealed
DriverFocusWorks Audio GUJ18V1
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume4.2 ft3
External volume6.16 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)22 " 22 " 22 "
Weight90 lbs
Aprox. Price$1250 USD


The measurements for the GUJ18v1 in the standard 4.2ft small 18 inch driver sealed cab indicate a capable platform with a good amount of displacement. Distortion at and above resonance is quite good. When compared to the tests performed in the larger 290L sealed volume we see the expected results when comparing a smaller airspace to a larger one. The larger air volume allows for greater low end efficiency and sensitivity and lowers the power requirements in the deep bass. It also lowers the deep bass distortion. However in this case the 290L cabinet is over twice the size, which is the tradeoff. A large range of sizes are viable options and offer different strengths and weaknesses but which tradeoff is of higher priority is something that will depend on the specific application.