Systems ListDIYAURA NS18-994-A SEALED

System typeSealed
DriverAurasound NS18-994-A
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume4.2 ft3
External volume6.16 ft3
Dimentions (Width × Height × Depth)22 " × 22 " × 22 "
Weight95 lbs


Considering that the basic NS-18 driver and neo/radial design is well over 10 years old if not 15 and it still performs as well as these measurements indicate is really a testament to the original design. It doesn’t quite have the raw xmax or mechanical clearances of some of the more recent uber bass transducers and its one layer coil doesn’t handle as much power as some of the 6” pro coils, or 8 layer car audio coils…That said it still offers respectable amounts of displacement even today and it is one of the lowest inductance 18” subwoofers that has come across the bench. Mechanically it is fairly robust and may not even be able to be hard bottomed due to the clearances and gap geometry involved. If they would update this driver I’d ask for a 2 or even 4 layer coil and modified gap to get a bit more motor strength and thermal power handling. You’d end up with increased inductance but it is so well managed on this driver to begin with it could stand to take a small hit there. It could easily be used in a 3 way run up as high as 400Hz as is. Aesthetically and from an engineering perspective it is still one of the best looking and well built drivers around. This is an oldie but still a goodie and a perfectly viable high performance bass driver some 10+ years on, just be careful with dumping large amounts of continuous power into it.