Systems ListDIYFocusworks GUJ18V1(DB18V Cab)

System typeSealed
DriverFocusWorks Audio GUJ18V1
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
External volume13.87 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)22.5 " 35.5 " 30 "
Weight145 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency15,20,24, Sealed Hz
Aprox. Price$1250 USD


Focusworks GUJ18v1 driver performs quite well in the big sealed enclosure and admirably in the vented configurations but the response would require some equalization to flatten out the mid-band response peak. The measured results indicate that the GUJ18V1 driver operates with low distortion, up until the driver becomes non linear and it produces a lot of displacement for an 18 inch driver. This is also without the need for a huge amplifier, if a cab the size of the standard DB18V cab is used. The  GUJ18v1 drivers overload behavior is welcome too since it distorts audibly well before mechanical limits are met. It seems that it would take quite a bit of effort to mechanically bottom the driver. Xmech is listed at 40mm but I'm pretty sure this driver got pushed there a few times during testing, so this may be a suspension rather than clearance limited spec. I could see these working in IB or OB alignments quite well, though it is a rather more expensive driver than people typically use in those apps. Large vented cabs are another possibility but this driver appears a bit better suited to sealed or IB alignments. It will be interesting to see how it does in the smaller 4.2ft sealed enclosure used for 18" drivers and what the tradeoffs of each cabinet size turn out to be. The large DB18V vented cab at about 10ft sealed is perhaps a bit too big for the driver, as it could probably use a bit more power without danger, judging by the little amount of thermal compression that occured. A slightly smaller enclosure would help to limit the driver excursion below 20Hz a bit as well. 150-200L or a 24" cube would probably be a good sweet spot for this driver. Vented cabs can also work but this driver does best with a very large airspace for vented cabs and the vent loading is a bit subdued due to the drivers rather highish Qts.