Systems ListJTR SpeakersNoesis 212HTR

ManufactureJTR Speakers
System typeVented
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers2
External volume5.35 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)14 " 16.5 " 40 "
Weight125 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency50 Hz


The JTR Speakers Noesis 212HTR is a 3 way speaker system featuring a pair of high sensitivity 12 woofers in a vented enclosure, paired with a high end BMS coaxial compression driver, which is loaded into a large wooden horn profile with a 60x60 coverage pattern. The cab is constructed from void free 24mm Baltic birch ply and lined with a durable Line-x coating or a matte black paint. It is tall at 40 but otherwise is rather compact for the amount of hardware jammed into it with a width of only 16.5 and a depth of 14. It does weigh a substantial 125 lbs which gives an idea of the amount of hardware and bracing used. The coaxial compression driver is crossed over at a very low 360Hz and the horn is also said to load the driver down to that frequency. The vents for the system are a series of slot ports which are arrayed at three per side and flank the woofers and horn on both edges of the cabinets front baffle. The passive crossover utilizes very robust and quality components and the back panel includes a pair of screw down binding posts which are easily the largest and most overbuilt Ive encountered. They are said to accept 2awg wire. They are not a part where some money is being saved in the Noesis 212HTRs manufacture, that is for sure.

The measurements conducted on the low frequency section of the Noesis 212HTR indicate that it does match the manufacturer specifications from JTR closely in the low frequency range used for the measurements. The pair of 12 drivers in the compact enclosure do not extend into the very deep bass due to the relatively high tuning of the large slot vents but this is a purposeful design choice in order to keep the sensitivity of the system high and maintin dynamic headroom in the mid bass. The Noesis 212HTR is relatively flat down to the 50Hz range and isnt too far down at 40Hz, so it should still sound full enough to run it without dedicated subwoofers if needed. The voltage sensitivity is very good and the dynamic capabilities in the mid bass are as well. There is enough output, especially when used with supporting subwoofers for the bass bandwidth, for a single pair to cover a large room well in a sound reinforcement setting or to easily exceed the listeners requirements in a smaller home audio or home theater setting. The Noesis 212HTR represents a powerful, compact system with an interesting set of design choices which should result in accurate and focused sound reproduction.