Systems ListDIYDayton UM18-22 Sealed

System typeSealed
DriverDayton Audio UM18-22
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume4.2 ft3
External volume6.16 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)22 " 22 " 22 "
Weight95 lbs
Aprox. Price$450 USD


The Dayton Audio UM18-22 provides a lot of performance for under 300 USD. It is a much different driver from the RS18-HO which was reviewed a few years ago. The UM18 offers more low bass headroom than the RS model and offers a more robust mechanical overload aspect. The top end response of the UM18 is not quite as good as the RS18 due to the higher moving mass and more massive voice coil. Both products fill a bit of a different role. The RS18 would be preferred for a music application or in smaller vented cabs with a higher tuning, where the excursion can be controlled a bit. The UM18-22 driver is more suited to sealed enclosures, large EBS vented, or playback of material with a heavier emphasis on low bass. It offers a lot of displacement for the money especially when purchased in multiples and still has enough motor to work in moderate sized sealed enclosures like the one it was tested in here. The overall performance in the measurements is quite good. The sensitivity was a bit better than expected and combined with what amounts to a 6 ohm nominal load with the coils wired in series it is a relatively easy load for most amps. The distortion performance in particular was very good. It also overloaded predictably and proved to be durable and resistant to bottoming. It also seems to get a positive response cosmetically since there is no distracting logo and the cone has a nice woven carbon fiber look. Even without considering the cost this driver offers a compelling set of measurements.