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Motor TypeUnderhung
Driver Size18 "
Driver Weight61 lbs
Coil Diameter3 "
Coil MaterialAL
Manufacture's Xmax25 mm

TS Parameters (Measured by

Fs22 Hz
Res7.8 Ω
Le 1khz19.17 mH
Sd0.117 m2
Vas212 liters
Mms470.8 grams
Cms111 μm/N
BL32.84 Tm
BL2/Res138.3 N2/W
L/R Time Constant2.46 milliseconds
SplSens88.66 dB


This driver is a custom unit which is the motor from an Elemental designs 13AV2 reconed with parts from PSI into an 18 inch unit. The 13AV2 motor is a very large and heavy underhung unit based on a 3 inch diameter voice coil. The top plate is huge and very tall which contributes most of the units weight. The pole has a large central vent with a screen to catch debris and is surrounded by smaller vent doles under the coil. There are 2 large diameter magnet slugs energizing the steel. The parts attached to this motor by PSI consist of an 18 inch, 6 spoke Venezuela style basket a couple of 8 inch diameter spiders with sewn in leads, which are attached to a heavy coated paper cone, with thick paper dust cap and topped off with a large heavy weight, half roll foam surround. We do not have much information on the coil used for the recone, other than that it is a 3 inch diameter with dual 4ohm voice coils. (RE is about 7.8ohm as measured). rnrnThe finished driver using these pieces is a large, good looking unit. The motor force ends up a little lower than we would like and the 8ohm impedance might make it a little more difficult to get all of the power this driver needs. The impedance measurement and measured response in a sealed enclosure of known volume show that the driver has a rather large amount of inductance and upper bass roll off with a peak in its response. It does not look like there were any inductance combating measures employed in the ED 13AV2 motor. Otherwise the driver has good venting so the motor air noise is low during high excursion free air testing. The mechanical noise is fairly subdued at moderate excursions but does grow once past about 1.5 inches peak to peak and continues to grow louder as 2 inches peak to peak is passed. This may be distortion due to a loss of motor force. At about 2.5 inches peak to peak the driver appears to be out of useful excursion. Since ED rates the 13AV2 at 28.75mm one way xmax, but we do not know much about the pieces used for the PSI recone, we are generically giving this driver a spec of 25mm xmax. The free air excursion behavior can be seen in the driver excursion video thread on the Data-Bass forum.rn

DIY 18" PSI 13AV2 18 recone Systems