Drivers ListTC Sounds DriversLMS-R 12

ManufactureTC Sounds
Motor TypeLMS
Driver Size12 "
Driver Weight38 lbs
Coil Diameter3 "
Coil MaterialAL
Coil Length2.4 "
Gap Height0.5 "
Manufacture's Xmax29 mm
Geometric Xmax24.1 mm

TS Parameters (Measured by

Fs30.5 Hz
Res4.15 Ω
Le 1khz4.19 mH
Sd0.0491 m2
Vas28.9 liters
Mms316.8 grams
Cms86 μm/N
BL22.14 Tm
BL2/Res118.1 N2/W
L/R Time Constant1.01 milliseconds
SplSens83.87 dB


The LMS-R 12\" driver is very robust and heavy with a large TC9 motor that bolts to the aluminum frame and top assembly. The top and motor are shipped in separate boxes so like all the higher end TC drivers, you do the final assembly. The suspension consists of large 10\" spiders and a large high roll rubber surround to allow for plenty of throw.

While the stroke and BL are quite good for a 12\" driver, the weak point seems to be the inductance which causes a slight roll off of the top end as wells as the low sensitivity that might scrape 84dB on a good day. The excursion and overall displacement offered by this driver is very high compared to most other 12\" units. Power handling and thermal compression performance appears good due to the generously sized coil and motor venting. The motor force is high but the moving mass is too so the resultant top end efficiency is low. This driver is notably free from mechanical noises until driven past 25mm one way.

TC Sounds 12" LMS-R 12 Systems