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Sept 28, 2017

WW Speakercabinets X-21 and B&C 21DS115-4

This large 21 inch driver cabinet from WW Speakercabinets and designed by Mark Seaton ended up being a multi directional shotgun blast of data. Not only is the new cabinet offering from WW Speakercabinets looked at but also the new B&C 21DS115-4 driver and the Behringer Inuke 3000DSP. This effort ended up being 4 full sets of measurements with a lot to digest. Dig in.
Sept 25, 2017

KRK Systems 12S2 Reviewed

KRK Systems smaller vented 12 inch subwoofer offers some high points, but also some low points. Read all about it under the system and measurement notes. 
Sept 20, 2017

JTR Speakers Captivator 212Pro Testing

Here again we have yet another subwoofer test for JTR Speakers. This time it is the new 212Pro subwoofer. A compact dual 12 inch vented sub that is both smaller and lighter than the JTR Growler sub, the 212Pro is available in both a passive and active version. Read more about it and check out the measurements in the "systems" section.

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