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Aug 25, 2016

Focusworks Audio GUJ18v1 DB18V Vented Cabinet Test Results

The GUJ18v1 is the first driver to be tested in the new DB18V vented cabinet that will be used for testing drivers in a vented alignment with tunings between 15-26Hz or that like a larger sealed airspace than the usual 4.2ft sealed enclosure. A mode comparison is included that compares the 4 alignments directly. Between the individual measurements and the mode comparison there is a lot of information here about this driver and also about how design choices and cabinet types and tunings affect the final performance. 
Aug 8, 2016

JTR Captivator 4000-ULF

Measurements and test notes for JTR Speaker new dual 18 vented subwoofer are uploaded and it is a brute. It is a double XL size sub and it certainly performs like one. One or two of these bad boys should handle even the largest home theaters with ease. 

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