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Jun 4, 2012

db 2.5 launched!

We're excited to release our new restyled site and a few upgraded features. db-2.5 now includes the Highcharts javascript API. This powerful graphing tool allows us to leverage dynamically generate charts rather than relying on static images. The advantage is now we can perform real time comparisons and use up-to-date dynamically compiled data. For example the CEA 2010 all-time max and min are now calculated on the fly and the chart is generated at your disposable. So even if we added a new system that changes these values, they will be automatically updated.

Additionally, we have a new feature on every measurement page that allows you to select any additional system to create an overlay series (using AJAX) for comparison. Overlay graphs are rendered in purple. You'll be able to compare any system to any other system on the same chart with relative data. This new tool has never been available for pre measured subwoofers until now. Check out the DTS-10 LMS-R Measurements as an example.

Currently we have not input the full amount of raw data for every measurement we have taken. We have recently developed an easy to use content management system to manage this data and we will be updating our database over the next few months. The final result will be a fully dynamic data set that does not use any static images whatsoever…. Expect for photos.

Finally Jeff Bagby has agreed to let us use his Woofer Box Model and Circuit Designer software and incorporate it into We will be tediously converting the visual basic code into javascript and mesh it with the Highcharts API. The final results will be the most flexible and easy to use box modeling software developed. It will also work on tablets and mobile phones without the need to download an App. You'll be able to create, model, share and compare your systems to any other system either measured or modeled.

No release date for this feature yet. Tentatively scheduled for db-3.0

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