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Dec 31, 2012

It is that time of year again...

Time to take advantage of the weather and run some new bass systems through the gauntlet...There are a bunch of new systems to test in 2013 that are already lined up and some others that are being worked on. Stay tuned...

On that note 2 new systems have been tested and added to the Data-Bass. One is the sealed system test of the Obsidian Audio 18" driver, which at less than $200 offers a whole lot of displacement capability for cash strapped bass heads.

System #2 is a new 18" vented test cab that has been added to the enclosure lineup. It is a compact 25Hz unit which barely houses the port and an 18" driver. The first driver tested in this new cab is the excellent BMS 18n862 which offers a compelling mix of high displacement, low THD, high power handling and very lightweight.

 Stay tuned...

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