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Oct 11, 2012

TC Sounds Pro5100 18 Sealed Enclosure Test Added. Plus others. All Long Term Output Compression Sweeps For Passive Speakers Now Updated With Corresponding Input Voltage!

More progress is being made on the back end of the website. All systems have had the measurements imported into High Charts for comparison. We still have a few measurement sets that are not active yet such as group delay and distortion. These are being worked on. All long term output compression graphs for passive cabinets now have the voltage input for each sweep listed. Input power can be estimated by looking at the impedance measurements. 

The TC Pro5100 turns in an excellent all around performance in the standard 18" sealed test box. It shows a good balance between pro audio top end sensitivity and the super long throw needed for high output deep bass extension. Test results are here

New sealed enclosure test results are also available for the Sundown SA-15 high value 15" driver and the RE Audio MX-18 and are accessible from the systems page.

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